Reese Witherspoon was Hit by a Car Wednesday Afternoon

I guess being famous doesn’t protect you from idiots, or in this case, sweet old lady idiots!

As reported by Radaronline, the 35 year old was jogging in Santa Monica when a car going about 20 miles per hour hit her!

She was taken to the hospital, treated and released with minor injuries.  An 84 year old “Where’s the Beef” type of lady was driving.

She was given a ticket for failure to stop for a pedestrian.  That’s it – really not that exciting.  I wonder what would happen if I hit Reese Witherspoon?  I’d be in jail for sure.

Oh – you are wondering about the “Where’s the Beef Lady”.  She’s from a series of Wendy’s commercials from back in the day….and through the magic of Youtube, I bring you…..WHERE’S THE BEEF!!

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