Jason Momoa shirtless with surf board

Torso Tuesdays – Lisa Bonet is Married to Conan’s Jason Momoa? I didn’t Know!

I had no idea, that Lisa Bonet is married to Conan.  Denise Huxtable? Really?

Isn’t she like….43?  Yep. And Jason Momoa is only 32.  As Martin Lawrence used to say:


The couple was on the beach in Hawaii and both looked stunning.  Lisa Bonet was holding her own, looking tighter then a pair of size 4 jeans on Kim K’s butt.  For the mom of a 4 year old and a 2 year old she looks great!

…and being confident in my man hood, I have to see he doesn’t look too bad himself.  The couple have been out of the limelight, which is probably why they are still together.  All that’s going to change when Conan is released.  Hopefully they stay in tact!


Ladies…..stop drooling.

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