Alec Baldwin boycotts Emmys and Sticks up for his Daughter’s use of the N-Word on Twitter

He was angry after Fox decided not to air his skit about the News Of The World phone hacking scandal.

This shouldn’t really be a surprise to Baldwin because Rupert Murdoch owns both, fox News Corp and News of the World.

Baldwin was angry and wrote:

‘Fox did kill my NewsCorp hacking joke. Which sucks [because] I think it would have made them look better. A little.’

‘If I were enmeshed in a scandal where I hacked phones of families of innocent crime victims purely for profit, I’d want that to go away too.’

So instead of attending the Emmy’s opted hang out with Elton John and go to Tony Bennett’s 85th Gala at the Metropolitan Opera House instead.

In his inbetween time, he was busy on Twitter trying to defend his daughter’s innocent use of the “N-Word”

Alec Baldwin and his Daugter Ireland

His daughter got twit-bombed after referencing the title of her favorite song on Jay-Z and Kaye’s new album.  The song is called.  Ni**as In Paris – Jay – Z & Kanye West.

It’ actually getting heavy rotation on the radio.  Ireland innocently (or so we think) tweeted:

“I love Jay-z. And Kanye. Together. I want to see them in Vegas! Who’s coming with me?!”

Nothing wrong with that.  Then she tweeted the title of her favorite song.

“N**gas In Paris- Jay Z/Kanye”,

Yikes!  If you are not familiar with the new album, the song or the title, you are like “Oh No She Didn’t”.  If you are familiar, you are not thinking anything about it.

Alec quick to jump to his daughters defense tweets,

“‘N**gas In Paris- Jay Z/Kanye’ think this is reference 2 (sic) a celebration of hip-hop music in France. Just clearin’ that up.”

Nice try Dad, close, but no cigar.  Ireland corrects him, explains it’s a song title and that makes Alec even more furious and he tweets,

“Anyone who thinks that quoting the title of that song is racist is a disgrace. To the human race.”

Then Ireland does what she should have done in the first place and apologizes for the oversight

“Man if you slip once on twitter, people start flipping a s**t… I had no right to use the word and I apologize if I offended anyone. But I was just writing the title of a song. No need to bash me.

Twitter can be your best friend, or your worse nightmare.  Let’s tweet responsibly.