Mayweather VS Ortiz – A Not So Cheap Shot & His Interview with Larry Merchant [video]

I think Larry Merchant’s face says it all.

My take on the fight is….Floyd took care of business.  He had a job to do in the ring and he did it.  As a prize fighter you are obligated to your fans, the people who bet money on you, and those on your payroll.

Whatever anyone says, Floyd is good for boxing.  HBO’s 24/7 series is lackluster when it’s not a Mayweather fight.  You need a trash talker that everyone either wants to win, or wants to see lose.  That’s how you sell tickets.  This weeks fight was $59.99.  Who else in boxing can Victor Ortiz fight, and charge almost $60.

For the first time in a while, the under card was more then decent but the main event was interesting to say the least.  Mayweather lost his cool for sure and then drove his point home.  After getting dominated after 3 rounds Ortiz, visibly frustrated, jumps up into Floyd Mayweather’s chin with his head.  A grown man, 17 lbs more then you, jumps into the air, to hit you in the mouth with his head.  That hurts.

Now Floyd is pissed and even worse, his mouth is busted.  To make matters even more worse, Ortiz walks over to Floyd and kisses him.  WTF!  After the ref breaks them up, Ortiz walks over, apologizes again, and they touch gloves.  However Ortiz isn’t ready to fight….but Mayweather is.  Taking advantage of a boxer with his guard down.  Floyd hits him with a left and then a fight stopping, straight right. Ortiz was done.


First Victor got the biggest payday of his life – $2 million dollars.  Floyd gets at least more then ten times that amount.  He was guaranteed $25 million.  This can go as high as $40 million depending on the Pay Per View Numbers.  That’s why he acts how he acts. If Floyd lost, he would be losing the chance of a much bigger Payday to fight Pacquiao, so that straight right is a “not so cheap shot”.

Comparably here are the paydays on the undercard:

Erik Morales $350,000
Pablo Cesar Cano $100,000
Jessie Vargas $100,000
Joseito Lopez $30,000

After the fight, Floyd continues his assault, this time verbally with Larry Merchant.  Their disgust for each other over the years has always been there, but it has been overlooked because they both understand that they have jobs to do.  Not on this night. Floyd had enough and so did Larry.


Larry Merchant: “You hear the crowd. A good part of it is in an uproar because they felt you took shots at him unfairly after you went togethre in the ring,  made up for the headbutt and then you poked him. What’s your story?”

Floyd Mayweather Jr: “First up, “I’d like to think God for this victory. Without God this wouldn’t be possible. I want to think my team. I got hit with a dirty shot [headbutt]. It’s protect yourself at all times. I hit him with a left hook, right hand and that ended the bout.”

Larry Merchant: “So you’re saying that even though that it appeared that he wasn’t protecting himself and that it was part of the ceremony of apology, you unfairly took advantage. What do you say to those who say, ‘what did you do there?’ You were winning the fight and was in charge.”

Floyd Mayweather Jr.: “I just want to say to everyone that bought pay per view and came out to Las Vegas, thank you.”

Larry Merchant: “I know you’re a promoter, but we’re talking to you as a prizefighter. Let’s take a look at the end of the fight and you describe.”

Floyd Mayweather Jr.: “We touched gloves, left hook, right hand and that’s all she wrote.”

Larry Merchant: “So for you it was just an automatic response, let’s get it on with the fight?”

Floyd Mayweather Jr: “It’s protect yourself at all times. He did something dirty. We’re not here to cry about what he did dirty or what I did dirty. I’m victorious. If he wants a rematch, we can get a rematch.”

Larry Merchant: “You were in charge of the fight. You were aggressive and taking advantage.”

Floyd Mayweather Jr.: “You know what I’m going to do because You never give me a fair shake. So for that, I’m going to let you talk to Victor Ortiz. You know what, I’m through. Get someone else up here to interview.”

Merchant: “What are you talking about?”

Mayweather: “You never give me a fair shake. HBO needs to fire you. You don’t know s**t about boxing. You aint s**t. You’re not s**t.”

Merchant: “I wish I was 50 years younger and I’d kick your ass.”

Mayweather: “You won’t do s**t.”

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Enjoy the video – while it’s still up.


Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz from Seoleg on Vimeo.

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