Russell Taylor’s Lawyer says that Taylor Armstrong’s Abuse Pictures are Fake!

This is a little interesting……

His name is Ronald Richards.  He tells TMZ that the pictures of Taylor Armstrong all lumped up, are phony.

How does he say the injury occurred?

He says that they are either a plastic surgery incident or getting hit with a football.  What is this, Brady Bunch?

Richards says,

‘If Mr. Armstrong was the cause of those injuries he would have been arrested and prosecuted,’

Is this guy serious?  What about the charges of battery from his first wife?  What about the allegations that he beat the kids? …and I’m crossing “plastic surgery incident” off the list.


Then you have to look at it from another angle…


If you watched the show, you have to admit that she didn’t act like your typical abused housewife.  She deliberately went against Russell wishes when she gave away the dog he brought for their daughter.   This is something that an abused wife would never do.  She was a volunteer at a domestic abuse charity and never reached out for help.  Her name is still on all the fraud allegations charges, could this be away of her trying to disassociate herself from Russell? To show evidence that she didn’t know what was going on, now that Russell is dead there is no one to refute these allegations….so she thought.  Not to mention, ET paid Taylor Armstrong six figures for exclusive rights to the photo.

Why would this Richards, come out and defend a dead guy if he didn’t believe in what he was saying.

The plot thickens!!

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