Honest Fan Returns Chris Browns $22,000 Diamond Encrusted Rolex!

You all know how I feel about Chris Brown…I’m still not over the Rihanna thing..so I would have taken his watch straight to Ebay!!

For Sale: Chris B*tch-a$$ Brown’s Rollie,

Then I would have paid my bills and taken a vacay!

But for the millions who have forgiven him and moved on, he is still a heartthrob, and Alisha is one of his biggest fans.

Alisha found his $22,000 watch when he lost it at the MTV VMA’s.  In return Chris Brown gave her two concert tickets to his upcoming concert at the Riverbend Music Center, in Cincinnati where Alisha is from.

Sorry about the TMZ Photo - Alisha didn't send me my copy yet.

During his performance, he removed the Rollie and tried to throw it to a place where he could retrieve it later, instead he threw it into the crowd.

A Similar Diamond Encrusted Rolex

After the concert, he sent security to look for it.  They went through the crowd and couldn’t find it, when they asked if anyone had seen it, Alisha produced the diamond studded watch.

What would you do?


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