American Pie’s Jason Biggs and Wife Keep the Marriage Fresh with a Prostitute

Marriage is super hard these days and when you are famous, it’s ten times harder.  To add a little spice in their bedroom, when Jason Biggs and Jennifer Mollen were newly married, they decided to hire a whore….excuse me…a prostitute.

How did we discover this?  Was it a tip?  No.  A tweet? No.

Jenny wrote about it on “The Smoking Jacket”, a Playboy associated website.

She describes how for Jason Biggs birthday, she hired a prostitute! Mollen doesn’t mix words as she explains the story, she tells it exactly how it is.

‘So my husband and I got a whore.

‘I’m hoping, unless you’re some sick depraved dissolute of a person, this isn’t the kind of thing you hear everyday.

‘If it is, f*** you, I thought it was pretty gangster.’

She explains how they didn’t get it right the first time.  The first person hired ended up actually being a masseuse.  After that experience they decided to go to Vegas where prostitution is actually legal with the hopes of getting more of what they wanted.

After scouting the personals they found a girl and invited her over to the Four Seasons hotel where the couple was staying.  When the girl showed up, she was nothing like she looked in the ad.  She was a 3 foot tall Philippine woman.

After Jason pulled $300 from the cash machine, to pay the “mini-ho” he realized he reached his daily cash limit so the plans had to be put on hold for another day.

We knew Biggs was a Freak!

The next day, the third time proved to be a charm. They hit pay-dirt with Keisha.  For $600 they hired Keisha, a real prostitute who performed a s*x act on Biggs while she joined in.  Believe it or not…they were not happy with the experience.  It was not exactly what they expected and Mollen says they were actually BORED.

‘We spent the next half hour lying in bed with Keisha and listening to her crazy stories.’

Now two years later she says the Keisha incident actually strengthened their marriage.

‘Something was rekindled between us. Or perhaps something blossomed that was never there before. I don’t know which it was, but I felt closer.’

What did Jason have to say about all of this?

He was found on Twitter saying,

‘My wife is in Playboy. Hot.’

Besides being married to a freak, Biggs will also be getting a $5 million dollar payday to film “American Reunion” the next installment of the “American Pie” franchise.  Threesomes, a loving wife and a $5 million dollar check – life is good for Biggs.

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