Omarosa’s Brother Shot Dead, Involved in a Real Life Love Triangle!

The famed Omarosa!

I think everyone remembers Omarosa from the Apprentice. 

Her brother who was just 40 years old was killed in Youngstown, Ohio. 


It appears he was caught in the middle of a real life love triangle.  While he was sleeping at home with his girlfriend her ex-boyfriend broke into the crib, went to the bedroom and just let off several shots. 

Manigualt tried to run but was already fatally wounded in the head and collapsed.  The police found him naked with several gunshots.  Witnesses say that the ex-boyfriend pushed his way through the door, shot Jack and then beat his ex, identified as Tamica Riley age 34. 

Riley said she was asleep when the gun shots woke her up.  She said Jack ran and she was hit in the head with the back of the gun. 

When Jack ran downstairs a 13 year old by grabbed him and the boy wrestled with the ex-boyfriend before pushing him out of the house. 

A rep from Omarosa’s camp released a statement,

“We can confirm that there is an ongoing investigation concerning the death of Omarosa’s brother Jack Manigault Jr.,” it read. “Omarosa loved her brother dearly in spite of his many legal struggles in the past. He recently gave his life to Christ and the two were in talks to write a book about both of their unique paths to ministry. It is a very difficult time for Omarosa and her family. She wishes for some level of privacy for the sake of her brother’s four children and her family during this difficult time.”

The legal troubles she was referring to in her statement stem from an aggravated assault charge that Jack served 2/12 years in prison for back in 1999. 


The shooter is alleged to be 22 year old Marco Cardenas.  He was currently on a two-year probation from his involvement in a December 2009 case of felony breaking and entering. Cardenas refused to be arrested at first.  At 2:30 AM he was spotted by officers and they began chase.  Cardenas yelled to the police,

You better shoot me. You’re going to have to kill me

He must have known that he is about to go away for a looong time.  He was eventually apprehended at gunpoint. 

Ladies – stop messing around with these young bucks.  Bad Boys grow up to be bad men…bad, broke a$$ men with criminal records….and that ain’t cool. 


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