Johnny Depp Looks Tipsy and Falls in the Middle of Hollywood Boulevard [ video]

This video actually does a great job of showing how harassing the paparazzi can be.  It’s annoying me just to watch it.  More interesting than the actual fall, which appears to be hard, the paparazzi is just ridiculous.

Depp is coming out of 25 Degrees restaurant at the Roosevelt Hotel, trying to get his chill-li-zation on and there is a fan yelling for his autograph and the annoying person who recorded this video yelling, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny…

It’s enough to make you pull you hair out.  To Depp’s character he actually hands out a few autographs before things get a little wild and he is protected by his friend.  His friend grabs Johnny to protect him and an unbalanced depth loses his balance sending both him and his friend crashing to the ground in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard.

Then the guy working the camera blurts out, “Whooaa you dropped Johnny, What are you doing to Johnny”.  OMG I just want to kick the stuffin’ out of whomever that is.  The voice is just so annoying it hurts.

Johnny gets to his feet but the annoyance just doesn’t stop until he pulls away.  The clip is below. I can’t knock these paparazzi guys too much because without them, you wouldn’t have me, but maybe they can be a tad bit less obnoxious.

See (and hear) for yourself.


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