Chris Tucker Faces Tax Troubles and Foreclosure on his $6 Million Estate

Chubby Tucker!!

Chris Tucker is in trouble Maaaannn!

The recession has no boundaries and it’s recently touch funny man Chris Tucker!  His palatial estate in Lake Apopka, Florida, valued at $6 million is about to be foreclosed on.

Chris owes the bank $4.4 million, and the IRS has a $11 Million lien to collect taxes.

Chris meet Wesley (Snipes), Wesley Chris.

There has been no comments from Chris Tucker or his camp.  If he was looking at generating some money from his comedy show in Albany, he needs a Plan B because that show was scraped for “unforeseen circumstances”.


The house is a beast: five bedrooms, three fireplaces, a personal spa in the master suite, an outdoor kitchen overlooking a pool, and an unusual basement designed like a pirate ship with a wooden deck, mast and sail. WTF!

His mortgage payment is $25,812.50, per month.


The man basically needs to get back to work.  His last movie was Rush Hour 3! I thought that was the case.  Can you believe that was in 2007! Actually the last three movies were all from the Rush Hour Franchise.  His Co-star Jackie Chan has done 11 projects in the same time period.

That would be enough for you and I to live on, but when you are paying out $25K per month you should stay working.  His next movie isn’t out until 2013, “The Silver Linings Playbook”.

Let’s look at why he once had a promising career: Like he said in the clip below,

“I’m so broke, if a N*gga rob me, he’d just be practicing”.

If you at work, keep the volume low.  Profanity Galore.

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