Usher’s Wardrobe Malfunction, Can You Say “Upper Thigh Area”[video]!

Usher had a….slight wardrobe malfunction.  I guess this is almost equivalent to a nip-slip but not quite.  His was the upper thigh on his left leg.  That’s right ladies, Usher’s pants ripped wide open showing a huge piece of “Thigh” area.  Looked like an Original Recipe KFC thigh.

He was performing at the William J. Clinton Decade of Difference Concert.  Right when he’s about to start a song the pants rip and you can see him look down with the expression, “What the hell, Oh Well”  Then he says to the audience,

“I work hard”.

And without skipping a beat, Usher does what Usher does and continues to perform, air conditioned pants and all.  That’s a true professional!  Here’s the clip for your enjoyment.


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