Lindsay Lohan Gets No Love From the Judge and Gets Led Away in Cuffs


I think we all knew her luck would run out eventually, but I have to say, looking at the photos I feel a little bit sad for Lindsay.  But then again…she brought it all on herself. 

Don’t let the pictures fool you.  She was released from her shackles after posting $100 stacks ($100,000) in bail money. 

The judge was pissed and was not pulling any punches.  Lindsay was sentenced to 360 hours of community service after she was found guilty of stealing a gold necklace.  The Judge, Sautner, was angered at the fact that Lindsay cancelled her community service commitments at the Downtown Women’s Centre nine times!

Her overpaid lawyer, Shawn Holley Chapman tried to offer up some defense for her client.  She highlighted Lohan’s “glowing report” by the Probation officers and volunteer work she performed this week at the Red Cross.

Judge Sautner was not to be played a fool.  She quickly pointed out that the Red Cross work was part of the work Lohan was supposed to do for another incident that the Judge herself assigned.  In fact, Lindsay should have been at the morgue for clean up duty not at the Red Cross, so the Red Cross work will not even count towards the original 60 days she was supposed to complete.  All in All Lindsay only managed to complete 3!!!  D’oh. 

The Judge continued to let her have it,

‘Nobody has the power to change my sentence,’ said an incredulous Sautner.’Probation is a gift as I see it. There is something called looking a gift horse in the mouth.’

Lohan’s lawyer Holley proved no match for the judge.  When she pointed out the reason for the missed community service was that Lindsay had to go oversas for work, as she had  no current work opportunities in the states, the Judge was quick to poke a whole in that defense as well. 

She questioned how Lindsay was able to meet with her Psychologist every week if she was supposedly overseas!

Although Lohan was dramtically lead away in cuffs she was released and will not be spending anytime in prison for the time being.  The Judge ultimately sentenced Lindsay to do Morgue clean up in the next two weeks and she has to reappear for another hearing on November 2. 

All I’m saying is that, That Morgue Better be Spic and Span!!!


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