Ricky Gervais is Unapolagetic for his Use of the Word “Mong”

Ricky Gervais in what he calls his Mong Pose! Yikes!

It’s weird that this isn’t really getting that much press here in the states.  I think that’s actually a good thing.  It implies that we can finally take a joke.  Very similar to Gilbert Gottfried, Gervais is a comedian, that is crass, blunt and funny.  For you to take to heart anything he says, you are the real fool.

He is under severe attack for using the word “Mong” in jokes online and on twitter.  Disability groups and Down Syndrome advocates are up and arms and pissed about phrases used such as:

“two mongs don’t make a right” and “good monging everyone”.

Gervais basically explains that he is not referring directly to children with Down’s Syndrome, explaining that it just means an idiot.  He even goes as far as tweeting a link to an online slang dictionary. He says words change meanings all the time and points out the term Gay.

Penny Green, director of the Down’s Heart Group charity, was not buying Gervais’ explanation.

‘I refute his suggestion that the word has changed its meaning.

‘We come across people every day who still think the term applies to people with Down’s.

His actions have proved incredibly upsetting and distressing to families of disabled children, as we’ve seen on Twitter and our own forums.

Ricky is telling everyone it’s acceptable to use this derogatory term.’

Responding to an online poll about whether the word was offensive, he tweeted:

“The humorless PC brigade have been out in force trying to influence the vote with ill informed negative comment.”

“Dear fans. Don’t give the haters any attention. Those people aren’t really offended by the things I say – they are offended by my success.”

His fans won’t care, I being one of them.  Although I understand how offensive this word can be, a comedian is a comedian, and in fact Gervais twitter following has increased by 10,000 since the attack begin.  Keep it up and the guy will have more people saying Monger then using iPhones.

I think Ricky Summed it up best:

Life’s short.  Chill-ax!