The Adventures of Tin Tin Trailer Released [video]

Tin Tin is a character that Canadians and Europeans know all to well, while in the states we just “know of”.  That is why the movie will be released in Europe at the end of this month and then here in December.  The initial reaction from the European press has been “Ok” at best.

Robbie Collin from “The Telegraph” wrote,

“It’s testament to either the genius of Hergé or the limitations of computer graphics –- or more probably both -– that two dots of ink from a Belgian cartoonist’s pen can express more wit and artistry than £82 million of the best 3D special effects Hollywood can conjure.”

It will be interesting to see if this catches on in the States.  Spielberg is counting on it.  He has two more installments for the franchise on deck.

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