J-Lo Runs Off Stage Crying – Love Sick Star Ends Performance at Mohegan Sun!

J-Lo was Jello, she just fell apart.

She was at the Mohegan Sun in Ct, in the middle of her performance when she just started crying.  WTF!  Can someone say “REFUND”

After she finished singing “If  You Had My Love” she begin to talk to the audience,

‘the first song I wrote about love.’

‘What is love?’

‘As the last song I wrote about love…a lot has changed since then.’

She kind of set herself up.  As she performed the song, the dancers all pretended to be her ex’s.

  • There was a Puff Daddy who danced with a fake J-Lo in her Versace dress.
  • A fake Cris Judd (one of her Ex husbands) danced with a fake J-lo in a pair of Jeans.
  • She had another J-Lo look alike with a Ben Affleck rocking the mint green dress she wore to the Oscars.

But the one that hit home – The re-enactment of Her and Marc Anthony’s American Idol performance.

By the end of the song she was crying.  She kept her composure for a few more songs but that was it.  She ran off the stage literally in tears.

There is no indication of how much of the concert was left, but rest assure no one will be getting any refunds.  I went to Mohegan for a C-Lo / Rihanna concert, there was no C-Lo.  No explanation, no nothing.

Reports were that everyone felt sorry for her.  I say Boo-hoo.  You make a ba-zillion dollars a year, doing what you love. You look great, have two healthy, beautiful kids and a whole life ahead of you.  Cry when you get home, not in the middle of the performance I paid $100 to see.  These are working people who have paid a hell of a lot of money, during a recession.

Harsh – but Real


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