Top Chef Just Desserts Season 1 Contestant Morgan Wilson Indicted for Child P*rn. Oy Vey!

Wilson wasn’t just on Season 1, he was the runner up for crying out loud.  I guess he was getting more than his “Just Desserts” online.  Ok, I shouldn’t joke.  This is a serious issue.  Not only was Wilson charged with possession but possession with intent to distribute child p*rnography.

Wow – can I really write the next part?  Hide your kids, hide your wives for this…..

Authorities monitored his Limewire transfers back in September of 2010.  They received files from Wilson’s computer that contained images and videos of children as young as “toddlers” engaged in sex acts.

Wait a minute…..brb….ok.  I just lost my lunch.

Basically, investigators received the files from a certain IP address.  After providing Verizon with the information they traced the IP address to Wilson.  That was enough for Plano,Tx police to get a search warrant.  Police showed three pictures that were transmitted from his IP address to Wilson and he admitted that he viewed the images, signing and dating his admission.

He faces 3 Felony Counts of Possession of Child Pornography and the INTENT TO DISTRIBUTE CHILD PORNOGRAPHY and will face a judge on October 27th, 2011.

Yes we can debate whether he’s guilty or not, whether he is a disgusting pervert or not.  If you have ever downloaded something from a filesharing site, then you know you can be looking for something innocent and open a picture a fat man having relations with a horse, or a number of sorted things out there.  I get it.  But in my mind…in order to get a search warrant there had to be more than three pictures left in your limewire sharefolder.  And if you open one picture of a fat man with a horse, you make sure that doesn’t happen again.

Innocent until proven guilty by law, nasty SOB for now, by me.



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