American Idol and the NFL battle it out for the costliest Commercial spots on TV.

American Idol and the NFL battle it out for the costliest Commercial spots on TV

How do you judge how good a TV show really is?  Advertising dollars.  Money talks!

The NFL is now catching up to a Simon Cowell-less “American Idol”.  For a 30 second commercial on “Idol” it will cost you anywhere from $468,100 to $502,900.  An average ad for Sunday Night Football will cost you $512,367.

Then how is “Idol” the winner?  Easy – the cost of the spots on Idol go up as the show progresses.  When it’s down to the finale spots go for as much as $640,000.

The trend is now that shows that are watched live get a premium for obvious reasons.  American idol, X-factor and Football are shows that lose their value if not watched live therefore advertisers are willing to pay top dollar.

As shows become available on Hulu or “On Demand” through your cable company, their ad revenue begins to tumble.  Back in 2007 – 2008 30 second ads during “Grey’s Anatomy” were going for $419,00, now they are going for less than half that at $203,078, while I’m sure salaries have risen.

Desperate Housewives have fallen victim to the same deflation, in 2006 they were at $394,000 now they are hovering around $149,556.

When stars are negotiating salaries they sometime don’t consider that ad revenues can drop by 50%.


  1. Sunday Night Football: $512,367
  2. X Factor Wednesday: $283,034
  3. X Factor Thursday: $283,034
  4. Glee: $267,141
  5. Family Guy $264,912
  6. The Simpsons: $254,260
  7. Two and a Half Men: $252,418
  8. Modern Family: $249,388
  9. Dancing with the Stars Monday: $233,482
  10. Dancing with the Stars Tuesday: $216,703

Greys just falls out of the top 10.

Below is a breakdown day for day, you will see that Sunday is still King, Thursday rules the weeknights and you can clearly see that when your favorite show gets moved to Friday, it’s “Nighty-Night!”


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