Patriots Tight End, Rob Gronkowski Apologizes for Twitter Pics with P*rn Star.

Rob Gronkowski was all the buzz yesterday after he took pictures with P*rn star Bibi Jones!  But sometimes being “all the buzz” isn’t that great.

All Rob wanted was more twitter followers.  The p*rn star said that she could fix this for him.  Miss Jones has 110,000 followers and Gronkowski had only 63,000. 

During a radio interview, Miss Jones explained exactly what was going on…nothing.

Nothing happened. I wish something had, but nothing happened, I asked if I could have some pictures with him and he said, ‘Yeah, wait, put on my jersey.’ I said, ‘OK.’ We were taking pictures. I asked him if I could put it on Twitter because some athletes wouldn’t want that since I do do adult films, and they don’t want to be associated with that. He was really cool with it because I have more Twitter followers than him.”

And why did Gronkowski have the jersey readily handy?

“He just carries it around with him,” Jones said. “That’s what I asked, ‘So you just have a jersey?’ He was like, ‘Yeah, for times like this.’ … He had it in his suitcase.”

 Basically their ingenious plan was to post some twit pics that would get retweeted and hence equal more followers.  He took of his Patriots jersey and gave it to Miss Jones to wear before removing his shirt to show off his $4.4 million dollar physique.  That’s how much his deal is worth with the Patriots.

Yesterday he issued an apology for his exploits,

‘I didn’t intend anything to hurt the reputation of anyone on the New England Patriots or on behalf of Robert Kraft,’ said Gronkowski, referring to the team’s owner.

The apology was a good move, considering Coach Bellichek don’t play.  He’d be more upset for the distraction then the deed itself. 

I mean really, what’s one tight end taking a picture with another tight end?


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