Nick Lachey on Stilts and Kelly Ripa Dress Like Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian for Halloween

You can say that’s either poor timing or great timing but either way the costume is hilarious.

Nick guest hosed Live! With Regis, while Regis was away.  For the Halloween special he rocked stilts and a white tuxedo.  Kelly did her thing and wore a black wig and wedding dress to look like the couple of the year.  The “odd” couple that is.

At the time of all the merriment, the newlyweds themselves had no idea that the marriage they were making a joke of, ended up being a joke.  How could they know….apparently Kris didn’t even know himself.

At least Nick and Kelly had fun with it, posing and waving for pictures.  Let’s hope they can last longer than Kim and Kris.  That shouldn’t be too hard.


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