Fox Admits Lip-synching on the X-Factor after Leroy Bell’s Screw up

The more the X-Factor goes on, the more I feel like it’s letting me down. I was hyping this show up from day 1, anticipating Simon Cowell’s return to TV. Week after week I’m let down. It’s turning into an exhausting over produced effort.

Now this Lip Syncing? Really?

Thursday Leroy Bell blew it for Fox. He came out and he started singing before he held the mic to his mouth. The show was live and Fox was caught with their hands in the cookie jar.


A Fox rep for the show told the website “The Wrap”,

“All survival songs are performed live, with just a backing track. For the group ensemble performance, the vocals are pre-recorded to allow acts to concentrate on preparing for their own live competitive performances on Wednesdays — this is also no different to what other competition shows do for ensemble performances.”

Ok. I get it and I sort of agree. Not to mention I kind of hate the medleys anyway. You would also hate for a screw up during a medley to send someone home. Leroy Bell did make it, but I’m sure he could kill himself for such a sloppy mess.

We have the 20 second clip that shows the “Lip Sinc” Fail.

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