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‘One Tree Hill’ Star Warns Taylor Swift, Says Travis Kelce Is A Party Animal Who Loves To Drink

Everyone has thoughts on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship, including random ‘One Tree Hill‘ actors like Jana Kramer.

She has a podcast titled, Whine Down, and for some reason she gave her opinion on Swift’s relationship with the NFL star, and it’s safe to say… she’s not a fan.

The actress basically slammed Kelce and called him corny, comparing him to her cheesy ex-boyfriend. But she also seemed to suggest that he has a drinking problem…

To me, he’s always drunk, every time I’ve ever seen a video he’s just always drunk. I see her (Taylor) drinking more now. Like, the company you keep. I’ve just kind of heard things that I don’t love.

Uh-oh. The Swifties are not going to be happy with her! Even if there’s truth to what she’s saying, they’ll come after her with their claws and fangs out.

There have been more photos lately showing Swift drinking. Of course, a lot of those photos come from social settings where one typically enjoys an adult beverage, so it’s hard to judge. It’s not like there’s a photo of her outside an IHOP at 10am downing a bottle of whiskey.

That being said, she did refer to herself as a “functioning alcoholic” in one of her new tracks, so you know, maybe it’s something to watch out for.

It’s possible they’re fueling each other’s drinking habits.