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50 Cent Is Suing His Ex Daphne Joy For Defamation After She Accuses Him Of Rape And Physical Abuse

If you haven’t been keeping up with the life of 50 Cent, well, you’ve been missing some drama. The 48-year-old rapper got himself in some trouble last month when he went in hard on Diddy. He was eating the Diddy drama up and clowning him on Instagram.

But then his ex, Daphne Joy, was all like, “Who are you to judge?” and publicly accused him of rape and physical abuse.

She wrote:

Let’s put the real focus on your true evil actions of raping me and physically abusing me. You are no longer my oppressor and my God will handle you from this point on.

Yikes, right? But 50 says it’s all lies. He and his lawyers filed a lawsuit this past week, accusing Joy of defamation. He says her post has caused direct damage to his business reputation.

He claims she’s only doing this because he requested for sole custody of their 11-year-old son.

The ‘Many Men’ emcee, 48, attached a letter that his lawyers sent to Joy, 37, on April 2, demanding that she remove the post and retract her statement. However, the mom of one refused and her attorneys allegedly requested millions of dollars and for him to drop the custody battle for it to be removed from Instagram.

50 is using her response as proof she was lying about the abuse. He’s seeking more than $1 million in damages and a court order for Joy to remove the post.

Joy has not commented on this lawsuit, but 50’s attorneys are not letting up…

Despite being given ample opportunity to retract a false and malicious retaliatory accusation, Ms. Narvaez has shamefully chosen to interfere with her 11-year-old son’s relationship with his loving father by falsely calling him a ‘rapist.’

We’ll have to see how this mess plays out in court.