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Fans Accuse Ben Affleck Of Major Plastic Surgery After Appearance At Tom Brady Roast

If you didn’t have time to watch the full 3 hours of the Tom Brady roast on Netflix, we completely understand. That’s a lot of roasting.

But you may have missed Ben Affleck’s brief appearance at the roast. He spent a couple minutes ranting about trolls online who spew toxic hate at celebrities and athletes. And wouldn’t you know it, the trolls started spewing toxic hate at him after his appearance.

Several people online accused him of having plastic surgery. One user joked that he was “hard launching a new face” and others accused him of having a “melty look.”

Another person commented, “THIS is Ben Affleck? Why does his face look so different? It’s almost like he had some nips & tucks done.”

You can watch the video above and decide for yourself. To us, it looks like it’s possible he had some botox, but almost more likely, he had some sort of dental work. His overall face doesn’t look much different to us, but he was talking strangely and the bottom part of his mouth/jaw looked a little different.

Honestly, some people probably just thought he looked different because he wasn’t sporting a beard. He’s been rocking a beard for years now, so to see him clean cut is a bit jarring.

In any event, Affleck didn’t seem to let the negative comments get to him. Just a couple days after the roast, he was seen taking his son to basketball practice, and it was all smiles!