Video Of Mariah Yeater Talking About her Night with Justin Bieber [ video]

A week later, and Mariah Yeater is not backing down.  She is either really telling the truth or a lot dumber then I think.  She even took it to TV, with her first interview, and surprisingly she doesn’t sound nearly as stupid as I expected.

She was dressed all innocent like, trying to look like someone that would actually attend a Justin Bieber concert.  A stark contrast to the Risque, lip pierced trashy photos we recovered from her myspace account.  (shhh….that’s how we got them first).

She puts on a good performance, sometimes almost coming to tears as she sticks to her story of “The Bieb” smashing it in a bathroom of the Staples Center for 30 seconds.

Just as the court documents stated Mariah retells the story,

 ‘He (Bieber) immediately took a liking to me and we just got to talking and then he eventually asked me, “Do you mind if we can go somewhere and be alone?'”

Although Yeater says that she has proof of which she has given to her attorney, a security guard from that night says that “The Bieber’s” dressing room was full of friends, family and even his hair dresser the entire time.

Yeater’s response to that was simply nothing:

No Comment

The Bieb is also remaining stoic, holding his ground.  He went on to take to music awards in Belfast; during the MTV European Music Awards.

He pumped his chest out and patted his own self on the back,

‘Yo, two awards in the past 60 minutes. ‘There’s been a lot of c**p on the internet lately, but I’ve pulled through.’

I’m starting to get bored with this whole thing.  I think I just wanted to hear how dumb Mariah sounds in real life.  No I’m ready for “The Bieb” to pee in a cup, go see Maury or whatever he has to do find out if “He’s the Babee Dadee” or not.

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