From Jon and Kate, to Coupon Cabin Kate – Kate Gosselin Gets a Job.

Yesterday Kate Gosselin reported to her new job working for the website “Coupon Cabin”.  Sort of still a celebrity, she was welcomed by her co-workers with applause as she hung a photo of herself amongst her new co-workers.

The 36 year old mother of 8 thought she knew what Reality was, until her TLC show was cancelled this year.  With Jon not pulling in the big bucks via child support, she was pretty desperate for money so this job came just  in time.

During an interview with E! she explained why Coupon Cabin was a good fit for her.

‘No matter how much money you have, it’s just smart to use coupons, It’s like free money in your pocket.’

‘One week, I remember saving more than half my grocery bill that week with coupons. I was beyond thrilled,’

Her official title will be, “Coupon Blogger”.

Her first blog post will premiere two days before Thanksgiving and feature information on how to navigate Black Friday (the shopping Friday after Thanksgiving).

Coupon Cabin was understandably excited and issued a Press Release. Everyone is wondering; just how much will Kate Gosselin Earn at Coupon blogging?

Who knows?  Bloggers earnings vary greatly, but I can’t see the job paying more than $60k – $100k a year.  Not just because she’s blogging, but because she’s Kate, famous and there is a lot of publicity already generated around the site.


Earlier this week on the View she talked about her plan to be a nurse

‘It was always my backup plan, but one day you realise your backup plan won’t work to provide for  eight kids,’

So coupon blogging makes more than nursing? Maybe my estimates of $60K – $100K  a year are off. Maybe I’m not making as much as I should blogging with this site.  Maybe I need to find a Baby’s Mama with 8 kids?