Mariah Yeater drops paternity suit against Justin Bieber. I say something’s fishy!

I Never Met Her. D'oh!!

Where’s all the fan fare now?  Where are all the headlines?  All of a sudden everything is hush hush.

The paternity test lawsuit was withdrawn according to TMZ last freakin week!  Even more interesting, Yeater’s lawyers have resigned.  Lance Rogers and Matt Pare have severed their relationship with Yeater and the case.


Now at this point in the story, most gossip blogs are going to recap the whole incident.  By now we all know who Yeater is, and we all know the story of the four month old kid and the 30 seconds of alleged passion that created him.

Now Mariah and her lawyers had to know that a liable suit, or some type of retaliation would be brought upon them by the “Bieb’s” legal eagles so I don’t think that scared them.  When Yeater was  questioned if she could prove it, her reply was,  ‘It’ll show in court to prove that my allegations are true.’

Not only doesn’t the Bieb take a Paternity test immediately, but he never takes one.  Now the entire thing just quietly goes away.


When Bieber agreed to the Paternity test, that brought more time to the situation allowing Bieber’s camp to make sure that Yeater goes away quietly.  She signs her rights away promising to never speak about this ever again or get sued, and in return, gets the payday of her life.

Case Closed.  We never hear this again, and we never hear from Yeater again.

That’s my take, that’s how I think it went down.  What do you think?  Post a comment on this one….



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