Ruben Studdard and Wife of 2 years Zuri McCants calls it Quits & Files for Divorce.

The Velvet Teddy Bear is getting a divorce!

For those who have no idea who he is, he won American Idol back in 2003 with a narrow victory over Clay Aiken.

I didn’t even know he was married.  Not only did Ruben Studdard get married, he was married for three years to a woman named Zuri McCants.  Apparently he met Zuri when he was signing albums in a supermarket.

PAUSE: Signing albums at a supermarket?  WTF?  Actually it was a Walmart.

“I was signing copies of my CD and she came in to get one signed for her friend who couldn’t get off from work,” Ruben said in an interview. “We started talking, and she was telling me about her friend. But I just looked at her and thought, `She is so beautiful.’ I tracked her down in the toy department and asked for her number.”

Zuri and Ruben dated for a respectful two years before getting married back in June 2008.

The reason for divorce is sited as ‘irreconcilable differences’.  I’m sure we will learn more as we always due regarding these matters.  In the meantime, Ruben is keeping things moving…not on the dating front but in terms of his commitments and obligations.

He started a charity and they have a weekend of Pre-Thanksgiving day events; a fundraiser on Friday and a Sunday marathon. Both will go on.

I thought career wise we would hear more from the Big Guy.  His voice is smooth as silk and he had a smile that lit of the stage.  See for yourself.  Hopefully hitting the studio will offer some solace and give us some music to Smash to!

Watch Ruben Crush it with Luther’s Song back in 2003….and Randy “Yo Dawg you Did you Thang”.



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