Police Launch a Search for Party of Five’s Jeremy London

I love how people are calling this a Man Hunt, it’s not a Man Hunt.  I never knew Jeremy had issues until he was on Celebrity Rehab.  Police are hunting him down after alleged abuse of a girlfriend.  For some reason authorities won’t release her name but what they are sure of is that it’s not his wife, Melissa Cunningham.

London has a son with this woman, and he reportedly physically injured her during an argument about removing the son form their home.  She told the police that he left the house right after the alleged assault and no one knew where he was.

A statement from the Police:

‘The victim, who’s name will be kept confidential, reported that this occurred outside a residence in the Mountain Gate gated complex in Palm Springs.’

Because this incident occurred in California it’s a little more serious because injuring a parent of your child is a felony, although reports are that her injuries were minor.

London’s camp released  a statement stating that there is little truth to the allegations,

‘This accusation is a false allegation and no such abuse occurred.
‘However, we understand that the police have to follow protocol in issuing an arrest warrant, which is completely standard when any woman complains of domestic abuse.

‘These allegations will soon be proven false.’

You can’t blame the cops for hunting him down, and you can’t blame us for reporting the allegations,  Back in 2004 London reportedly threw her out of a moving car on the highway.   I told you, that dude is a Bad Man.

He actually used to be a Pimp! His Swag was off the charts.  You see what drugs can do to you? From swag, to Swag-less!!



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