Photos from Heavy D’s Funeral – A Star Studded Affair


It’s still shocking that Heavy D is gone at age 44.  His funeral was held yesterday in New York and it was a star Studded Affair.  Super stars and not so super stars.  That shows you the reach that “Heavy’ had.  Will Smith, Jay-Z down to Flavor Flav. Reverend Al Sharpton oversaw the proceedings and there was even a letter from President Obama.

‘Please know that you and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers,

When I tell you he had a huge impact on the Hip Hop community, I am not exaggerating.  Here a photos from the event.  Due to the sad nature of the cause, I will cut down on the funny commentary.  I won’t speak about Flavor Flav’s outfit, Queen Latifah being Fat as hell, or Chris Rock looking like his crack head roll character, “Pookie”.

A memorial fund was set up for Heavy D’s family.  Not quite sure why it would be needed but here is the link.


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