White House Shooter, Oscar Ortega Hernandez, made a video for Oprah [video]

Oscar wanted to be on the Oprah show so bad that he made a 20 minute video asking pleading for her to give him a spot.  It’s a weird 20 minute video where he just reads from a notebook of diatribes on just about anything and everything.  He talks about weed….a lot and he talks about God….a lot.

“God gave us everything we need to live and enjoy life: food to fuel, water to hydrate, sex for fun, horses for long term transportation, and marijuana to inspire, and thrive…for bigger and better things.”

The email from my source said that Ortega claimed he was Jesus Christ.  That is not entirely true.  He said he was the “modern day” Jesus Christ and that he looks like Jesus Christ.  Like he is a profit, and he wanted to get on Oprah because he has a message for the world.  Let’s face it, if he was really Jesus, he would just walk onto to Oprah, he wouldn’t be putting up Youtube videos.

The taping of the video was done by Ramon Baily.  He said he met Oscar at the gym and Oscar asked Ramon to film a commercial for him.  Ramon tried to get out of actually doing it but Oscar was relentless, hounding Ramon until he gave up.  Ramon was so disturbed by the tapping that he decided not to edit it, and wanted to have nothing to do with Oscar.

Good decision on Oscar’s part because this dude is a first class whack-job.  He might have bust off rounds at Oprah if he made it on the show.  Actually, that might be just what she needs to revive her OWN network.

Peep the video  – the Jesus talk comes around the 19 minute mark.



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