Details of Hulk Hogan’s divorce settlement revealed, Hogan to give wife 70 percent of Assets!

After a lengthy settlement that’s taken more than 4 years, Linda (Bollea) Hogan thinks it’s worth the wait.  The Bottom line: She gets 40 percent ownership of his companies and 70 percent of their liquid assets.

The details of the Hogan divorce were not public knowledge…until now.  Apparently Hogan’s attorneys filed a motion regarding the amount he owes from all of his companies, in doing so they revealed the details of the divorce.

The Hulk Hogan companies represent a myriad of business enterprises that sell and license Hogan-themed products and his actual likeness.  There is an order that stipulates that the Hulkster pay 40 percent of the gross to Linda when in fact the settlement states 40 percent of the net profit.  Since these payments will go on for years, it was in the Hulkster’s best interest to get this corrected ASAP.


This is a one and done deal.  She will not get any alimony but she will get a propertery settlement of $3 million and she will get $7.44 million of the $10.41 million that was held in the couple’s bank accounts.

  • The couple agreed to sell both of their Pinellas County homes, their Clearwater Beach home and the iconic estate on Willadel Drive in Belleair where much of the reality series Hogan Knows Best was filmed.
  • Linda Bollea sold the beach house in 2010 for $1.65 million. She pocketed that money as part of the $3 million property settlement, said her attorney, Ray Rafool of Miami.
  • The Belleair home was originally listed at $13.9 million. It is still on the market, listed at $8.87 million. When it sells, Hulk Hogan will be responsible for paying any money still owed to his ex-wife from the property settlement. Any additional proceeds will then be divided evenly between the two.
  • Linda Bollea got to keep a Mercedes-Benz, a Cadillac Escalade, a Corvette, a Rolls-Royce and various off-road vehicles. Hulk Hogan, who had an extensive collection of vehicles, got the rest, though they were not detailed in the agreement.

You think the Hulkster is not upset?  Think again.  And let’s not forget Linda now has a boytoy 18 year old boyfriend.  YIKES!

In a recent interview Hulk Hogan commented on the allegations of abuse during the marriage and also mentioned the then 18 year old boy-toy,

‘When we were going through the divorce, and she was with her 18-year-old boyfriend, if I even was in the same town with her … she would file charges that I looked at her the wrong way at a red light, and wanted to have me put in jail.’

‘So if I beat her up for 23 years, why didn’t we talk about this at the divorce? And why, all of a sudden, is it coming out now, when her book’s come out?’

In the famous last words of Martin Lawrence, “it’s Cheaper to Keep her”.  Hogan has since remarried; let’s hope this time around he gets it right.



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