Rumer, Scout, Tallulah and Bruce Attend Debutante Ball Without Demi.

What you Talkin about Willis!

These are the daughters of Bruce and Demi as they attended the Debutante Ball in Paris on Saturday night.  I swear stars love naming their children weird-ass things:

Rumer 23, Scout, 20 and Tallulah 17.  (SMH)

Tallulah is the one in the center, Rummer on the left and Scout on the right.

The ball is actually called, Le Bal des Debutantes. It’s an event that supposedly honors 23 women of distinction from over 12 countries.  I’m not sure why they are chosen as women of distinction, maybe because of their names, or their dad, or their Mom but either way they are chosen and present.

Actually Rummer was the only one attending as a Debutante, Scout was there in 2008 where Bruce Willis attended.  This year he was in attendance as well, as told by a party goer to

“He was there for his daughter, but protective. It wasn’t until around midnight when he danced with Tallulah that you saw him become more relaxed,”

Demi…she was nowhere to be found.  The actress is currently going through her divorce with Ashton and said she didn’t want to over shadow her daughters.  I bet she just didn’t want to hear the I told you so’s from Bruce all night.

But I’m sure He told her so.  And contrary to all the reports on how beautiful the girls looked…..ummmm…..NO SO MUCH.  #imjustsayin



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