Comedian Patrice O’Neal Dead at 41, Loses Battle to Diabetes after Suffering a Stroke

This is just plain nuts.  Really.  I had to double check and triple check after the whole “Too Short is dead” is dead incident.

It’s was confirmed by the “Opie and Anthony” show that Patrice has passed away.  He died Monday night after he suffered from a stroke as he battle with his diabetic condition.  There were very little updates on his condition after I first posted the news so I definitely feared the worse.

While he wasn’t the most well known comic he was still pretty damn funny.  His last television performance was actually during the Charlie Sheen roast.

Eerily enough, during his set for the roast, he actually said that he was fighting for his life with Diabetes.

I’m dying of diabetes and you motherfu*kers are like, ‘Oh, that evil fat fu*k.’”

41 is just way too young for anyone, especially someone who was so close to the “Big Time”.  I was just a matter of time before he landed a sitcom or major movie role.

RIP: Patrice Lumumba Malcolm O’Neal

Here is the clip that Opie and Anthony ref. in their tweet.



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