Home Video of Rihanna with Family in Barbados Narrated by Jay-Z hit the Web [video]

It’s weird out of nowhere a video hit the web today of Rihanna with her family in Barbados.  It’s almost like a mini rocumentary narrated by Jay-Z.  It starts off with Jigga-man’s voice,

“There’s nothing like family. These are the people who make you who you are.”

She dropped her album last week “Talk That Talk”, and this is a new way of viral promotion – as the video starts you see the words “Talk That Talk”.  What gossip blog is not sharing this video that I find actually kind of boring and blahh.  It leaves me with the feeling of “Who Cares”.

Yeah you get to see Rihanna with no make up and see her little brother but it’s really like a crappy little marketing gimmick and we fall for it.  We should demand more, but instead we are thrilled over Rihanna’s mom saying, “And from Monday to Friday, no Facebook. Textbook.”

I’m sorry but we are so obsessed with these stars that they can sh*t on a cracker and we would eat it up and color it charming.  As far as Jay –Z , he’s no Samuel Jackson so it doesn’t add much to the 3 minutes.  After facing criticism for rushing out her latest album, this seems like another rushed effort.

Despite all the criticism and not hitting number one on Billboard she will probably still surpass Whitney Houston who she’s tied,with 11 number one singles.  One more and she will be tied with Madonna at 12.

Here’s the video – judge for yourself but I say, “Blahhh Who Cares”.



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