Video of Brian Williams Reporting During a Fire Alarm Drill, Calm Under Pressure [video]

Talk about smooth, he can be the new James Bond.  Brian Williams is the epitome of Smooth.  During his live feed broadcast you can hear an alarm go off in the studio.  B-Dubb (As in First Initial “B” 2nd initial “W” for my “cool” challenged readers)….B-Dubb was as smooth as you can get during the chaos.

This dude didn’t even raise an eyebrow.  He was reporting about the recent American Airline’s Bankruptcy and continued reading from the prompter as you can hear the fire alarms going off in the back.  He breaks into his casting to just mentions that it’s a test and for everyone not to worry, cracks a small smile and then continues.

If you have the pleasure of working in a building you are familiar with these alarms.  They go off and then you hear the voice telling people to leave the building.  Never flinching Williams transitions the story to Washington without skipping a beat.

That’s exactly who you want reporting during a disaster.



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