Janice Dickinson Reveals that Top Model is Rigged, Tyra really doesn’t Pick the Winners [video]

During an interview with FilmOn.com, Janice Dickinson revives her long feud with Tyra Banks.  She said not only did Tyra treat her poorly but that the show is fixed!  The judging panel doesn’t select who wins, but Cover Girl, the shows sponsor actually chooses the winner.

She was wondering how come none of her picks were advancing in the competition.  Once she found out why, she “split”.  Dickinson was on the show for the first four seasons

“Cover Girl are the people that choose the model – not any of the judges.  It’s who Cover Girl thinks should win each season.  People don’t know that.  When I found out, I split.”

The CW, the network that runs America’s Next Top Model in response to the allegations simply said,

 “This is completely untrue.”

Tyra, your move next…….

The video is below.

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