Michael Boley Child Abuse Allegations are Just Allegations, No Official Charge Yet.

Michael Boley, linebacker for the NY Giants, is currently under investigation for the abuse of his 5 year old son.  The official charge is:

The repeated and willful abuse of a child under 18 from May 30 to June 5

Right now it has not been determined that there is sufficient evidence to have Boley formally charged.  The District Attorney will present the case to the Grand Jury to determine the next steps.  It’s all very suspect.

Boley was actually informed of the charges after a child support case where the mother wanted the amount of child support “QUINTUPLED”!  His lawyer Randall M. Kessler commented on the situation,

“We had a full trial in October, four months after these allegations, and the court was not asked to address those claims, The only thing sought was a 500 percent increase in child support”

There was no talk about restricting child visitation, which is odd.

If someone was neglecting your child wouldn’t you restrict visitation?  Hmmmm….

That’s exactly what his other baby’s mother did.  He has a 2 year old with another woman in Georgia.  Right when she found out that these allegations were official she petitioned the court to change his visitation status to supervised.  That request hasn’t been granted…yet.

Boley is playing out his $25 million dollar, 5 year contract that he signed with the Giants back in 2009.   He’s going to need every dollar of that $25 million because he has six mouths to feed.  After a roller coaster career with the Giants he has finally found his groove and is a solid leader on defense.

Hopefully this all is just a bunch of bull.  So far the NFL is informed but no actions have taken place, nor should they.  Boley will still play on Sunday.