Kobe a Lot Smarter then We Think – Net Worth $150 Million my A$$!

I think we have all slept on Kobe.  He is a lot smarter then we all gave him credit for. There is no way that I’m going to believe that Kobe is only worth $150 Million.  No way!  Let’s take a look at his earnings:

KOBE’S 1ST Contract: 1996 – 1998 (3 years) $3.5 Million

KOBE’S 2nd Contract: 1999 – 2003 (6 years) $70 Million (Ended One Year Early)

KOBE’S 3RD Contract: 2004 – 2010 (7 years) $136 Million

KOBE’S 4TH Contract: Current  (3 years) $84 Million

YEAR Salary
1996 1,015,000
1997 1,167,240
1998 1,319,000
1999 9,000,000
2000 10,130,000
2001 11,250,000
2002 12,375,000
2003 13,500,000
2004 14,175,000
2005 15,946,875
2006 17,718,750
2007 19,490,625
2008 21,262,500
2009 23,034,375
2010 24,806,250
2011 25,244,000
TOTAL 221,434,615

So in just NBA Salary Kobe Earned $221 Million.  Source


His endorsements started before he was even drafted inking a deal worth $48 Million with Adidas.  His Nike deal right before his arrest was worth $45 Million.  That’s nearly $100 Million just with two sneaker deals.

Throw in his own video game, Sprite, McDonald’s, Nubeo, Smart Car, and most recently Turkish Airlines, Spalding and Upper Deck; over his 15 year career his endorsements are said to have averaged anywhere from $13 Million to $20 Million which I think is conservative.

According to Forbes:

2008 – $18 Million in Endorsements

2009 – $24 Million in Endorsements

2011 – $28.2 Million in Endorsements

This would put estimates of Kobe’s total earnings conservatively at $416 Million ($221 Million NBA Salary, $196 Million Endorsements – Using low of $13 Million).  The total earnings probably exceeds $500 Million, which would mean that Kobe and his family squandered at a minimum of $266 Million and that none of his investments have earned him any money.

For that reason there is no way that I believe that $150 Million figure.  I think that his divorce scare in 2003 was enough for him to realize what having no pre-nup really meant.  He begin shoveling funds to an off shore account and now has no problem cutting a $75 million check because he knows he’s sitting on at least $266 somewhere.

They don’t call him the Black Mamba for nothing.  As it states:

the Black Mamba when threatened or cornered they often become very explosive and fiercely aggressive, which is why they are given mythical status and many myths, legends, and stories about this species abound


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