Prince William Shows Us Why he is Swag-Less but at Least he’s Trying. [video]

Prince William Brushing his shoulder off

I can’t help being a hater, but the fact that we make a big deal over all the charitable crap that Prince Williams does…really?  Can we get off his nuts just for a day?   What else does he have to do?  Anybody who is that rich better be doing some charitable stuff?


Now we are giving him props for having “SWAG”.  This is actually SWAG-less for many different reasons.  First of all, his SWAG dance is actually brushing his shoulder off.  That came out via Jay-Z’s song back in 2003!!  This is how long it takes white people to catch up.  That’s almost 9 years GEEESSHH!


Cutting the Fresh Prince some slack, I guess he was doing good and trying to relate to the youth.  He was at Centrepoint’s Camberwell Foyer homeless center in London volunteering with some of the kids.  His mother, the Late Princess Diana, took the Pince and his brother Harry on regular volunteering missions with the Centrepoint hostels and it appears the William is continuing the tradition.

When one of the residents of the Hostel tells the Duke that his “Swag Looked on Point” he broke into his SWAG-less dance.

I guess we can’t blame him for trying.  Here is the video.