Mel Gibson’s Divorce Finally Final – Will he Give Up $500 Million?

Sometimes it feels like these Hollywood divorces take longer than the marriages themselves.  Mel Gibson’s is finally over and his pockets are indeed lighter.

With no pre-nuptial agreement, 26 years of marriage in the books, and living in the toughest state for divorce, Gibson will most likely be handing over half of his 850 Million dollars to Robyn.

Gibson and wife Robyn Moore (her maiden name) were married back in 1980.  They met when Mel was relatively unknown, filming Mad Max.  Robyn was a dental assistant and they were both tenants in the same house.  The marriage came to an abrupt ending when we learned about one, Oksana Grigoreiva, when Mel made a red carpet appearance with the failed Russian singer.

Mel was strutting his stuff when the relationship with Oksana was exposed.  Robyn was embarrassed and Mel was in the spotlight.

Then things fell apart with Oksana, which we know all too well about. We have heard all the tapes and read the details of Gibson’s alleged battery which he pleaded no contest to.  Grigoreiva managed to get a baby out of  Mel along with a $750,000 shared custody settlement.

His erratic behavior including his DUI in Malibu where he was caught on camera spewing anti-Semitic remarks, his battery with Grigoreiva, and tapes of him on tape spewing the “N” word and making homophobic remarks have left Mel with very few chances with fans as well as the Jewish dominated entertainment industry.


A bulk of Mel’s money actually came from “The Passion of Christ”.  His company, Icon Productions, put up $40 Million for the movie.  $30 Million was used for the production and $15 Million was used for advertising.  That gamble paid off huge.  The Passion of Christ earned $611,899,420 Worldwide.  Mel got a huge chunk of that, reportedly $200 Million.

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