Marriage in the Air – Timberlake and Biel Getting Serious

Holidays hit us, marriage is in the air

As the Holidays hit us, marriage, and the lack of it, seems to be in the air. Firstly, Colin Farrell’s famed marriage in 2001 is now revealed to be a complete fake, while Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel announce they are getting hitched.

You may or not remember but back in 2001 the famously wayward Colin Farrell announced that he had married Amelia Warner, an English actress and singer known as Slow Moving Millie famous for her cover of The Smiths’ Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want. The couple’s marriage only lasted for three months before they parted ways.

Now Warner claims that the marriage on a beach in Tahiti was not a legally binding contract in the first place It was all a big joke, and part of the hotel’s package of activities along which they signed up to along side a spot of shark feeding, she claims.

Farrell is not well known for his bookish lifestyle or his ability to grind out slow games at Partypoker or chess, or anything ‘slow moving’ in fact, but back then you could say that he was off the rails. He claims drugs almost killed him. So, this unlikely story does make sense.

Anyway, also in the news is the rumour that old Trousersnake himself is engaged to Jessica Biel. Apparently, Timberlake popped the question while the couple were on a pre-Christmas winter get away in Wyoming.

The pair dated in 2007, but got together back over a 4th July weekend getaway. They like getaways, these two. The proposal was made at the luxury Amangani resort in Wyoming.

So, let’s hope that Timberlake and Biel don’t head to Tahiti for one of those ‘shark feeding and wedding’ packages, that wouldn’t be cool.