Video Surfaces of Carlton Talking About the Aunt-Viv – Will Smith Beef. [video]

With all the beef talks between Will Smith and Janet Hubert, a video of Alfonso Ribeiro surfaced of him at SUNY college.

He talks about how he turned down a recurring role on “A Different World” to do the Fresh Prince, and how they wanted him fired after the first season.

Then he goes in on Janet Hubert.  He talks about how he enjoyed working with each member of the cast until he gets to Janet Hubert….he says,

 “First mom not so much”.

He basically says that she was “crazy”.  “She went nuts”.  He quickly describes rants that she had on the set, and how it ruined the “family like” atmosphere.

This totally supports Will Smith’s side of the story, which even if it’s not true…it’s a smart move, if he ever wants to work in Hollywood again.

It appears that the audience likes the First Mom…..I did too.



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