Rihanna Video Smiliraties Again, This Time the “We Found Love Video”

I say I don’t really see fault in this.  First off kudos to Lovebryan.com for compiling the original comparison photos.  I would have not known who Sandy Kim is, and I am pretty sure even if i did, I would be able to put the parallels together, my mind just doesn’t work like that.  But somehow the people over at lovebryan.com were able to and it’s getting quite the buzz.

This is now the third accusation of one of Rihanna’s videos.  The first was the “You Da One” video and the 2nd was for the styling of her S&M clip.  David LaChapelle was not having hit.

In the layout below, you will see on the left side, photographs from Sandy Kim’s photography website compared side by side with video stills from Rihanna’s “We found Love video”.  There is almost no denying the similarities.  The real argument is the legality and morality of this.  First of all, more then likely Rihanna’ played very little role in this as well as the other videos she’s been accused of plagiarizing , secondly I see this more as paying hommage to the photos.  Like a praising, as if the work inspired the creation of the video.

Sandy Kim should be flattered, not to mention all the press that she is surely getting now.

Click Below for Full Size Comparison!

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