Despite Vowing to Never Marry Again, Halle Berry Appears to Be Engaged.

There has been no official statement released but all indicators lead TO Halle being engaged.

A ring was spotted on her engagement finger last week, which sent everyone, including me in a frenzy.  (I was contemplating letting her be my baby’s mamma!)

The best we can get as a confirmation that it’s an engagement is from information that the jewelry designer from which her boyfriend Olivier Martinez purchased the diamond and emerald engagement ring from.  They told People, that the ring was indeed of the engagement kind


The 46 year old Olivier has been dating Halle for over a year.  If rumors are true, this will be Halle Berry’s third marriage.  She was in an abusive relationship with David Justice and then married to the sexually addicted Eric Benet.

After her break up with Benet, she vowed that she would not marry again, and she said it in front of an entire Oprah audience,

 “I want love and I’ll find it hopefully and have a committed relationship, but no more marriages, I’m not banning men, and I’m not against relationships. I have just discovered after two failed marriages that probably marriage is not the way for me to go again. Putting on that dress and walking down the aisle is no longer of value to me. I want someone to come and stay and be there because he wants to, not because he has a piece of paper that says he has to.”

I was sold and then we she had a child out of wedlock with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, I was oversold.  Now that she’s possibly engaged, let’s see if the deal will be sealed with a date and a walk down the aisle.  Hat’s off to Olivier for apparently “takin care of bi’ness” where Aubry couldn’t get the job done.  This will also tell us if Halle has a bad picker or if she’s just plain crazy!


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