Jockey Bets on Tim Tebow with a New Shirtless Ad, But Bets Against Denver To Win It All

Tim Tebow is putting his physique to use in other ways these days.  In a huge marketing move, Jockey released an ad Monday with a shirtless Tim Tebow just hours after his huge overtime pass to win Denver a place in playoff history.

Throwing even more money at football fans…if you register on Jockey’s site, and Denver wins the Superbowl you will get a Jockey $25 gift card, and one super lucky person will win $15,000.

It might seem that Jockey is behind the superstar, but in actuality they stand to make out huge if the team makes it to the Superbowl, but doesn’t win.  This will allow three more weeks of getting people to register on their site, 1000’s of gift cards that they won’t have to payout, and $15,000 they can put back in the bank.  Then Jockey can spend the remainder of the year emailing you ads about tightie -whities every day.

According to Sportbet Sportsbook the odds are with Jockey, Denver has a 45 to 1 chance of winning.


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