50 Cent Wins $500,000 Betting on the Giants – Tweets Photos of his Winnings [photos]

Now I’m sure 50 isn’t the only one that won big money on the Giants Game Sunday, but he’s the only one that is arrogant and flashy enough to post his stacks on twitter.  No….I take that back.  Floyd (Mayweather)  would probably tweet pictures of him wiping his butt with the money.

If you watched the game, then you know how close it was . Imagine you had $500,000 bet on the game, and it went into overtime.  You might have to bring a change of draws, because if the 49er’s would have scored, you would certainly crap your pants.


Despite his hustle, 50 Cent actually comes in at Number 5 according to Forbes:

5. 50 cent is worth an estimated $100 Million

4. Birdman is worth $110 Million

3. Dr. Dre is worth $250 Million (Beats by Dre is blowing up!!)

2. Jay-Z is worth $450 Million

1. Diddy is worth $500 Million

So all the smack about Jay-Z’s spending….you can miss him with all that.  Diddy as well.  Whatever 50 can do, Jay-Z and Puffy can do – Times Five!!


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