Bow Wow Implies a Fling with Kim Kardashian During Power 105 Interview [video]


 Bow Wow was interviewed on Friday on Power 105.1 – the “other” radio station in New York when he was being quizzed about his past relationships.

During the interrogation he admitted relationships with Angela Simmons and Ciara which we all knew about, the he revealed some surprises: Superhead, and Kim Kardashian,

For those who don’t know Superhead aka Karrine Steffans, is famous for….well, giving Super head, and also putting out a series of Video Vixen Books……urumm….moving on..


When they start to mention Kim Kardashian – Bow Wow’s eyes look like they are about to pop out of his head.  Before he answers he wants to know,

Where did you guys hear that one from?  I just want to know where did you guys hear that one from?

He says,  “Me and Kim are Cool”, and before he can go on, the Angela Lee, cuts him off and asks if he made a “Tape”.  I’m not sure why they didn’t just let him finish talking.  WTF!  Then he goes on to say that he hasn’t seen her or spoken to her in about 2 years.


When he describes an episode regarding a female that he told to follow him, and then proceeded to lose her as she tried to follow his Lamborghini with her car, he said after that he ran into her sometime later.  Then one of the co-hosts Charlamagne asked, “Then you Smashed it anyway?”  Bow Wow’s response was, “She’s Cool People”. Same answer he gave about Kim Kardashian.

Peep the video and let me know what you think?

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