Cory Gunz might be Cory “Bunz” – Rapper Arrested in NY for Carrying a Loaded Gun.

24 year old, up and coming rapper Cory Gunz was arrested on gun possession charges on Saturday in New York.  As we do on TVST, when you are arrested we use your government name: Peter Pankey, Jr! (How the #$% does someone go from Peter Pankey Jr, to Cory Gunz??)

I guess that’s because his father is Peter Gunz – or Peter Pankey Sr.  SMH.

Most of the story on this comes from Peter Gunz account of what happened as told by MTV, here it is in Peter Gunz’ on words,

“The details are still sketchy, but I can confirm that he was arrested with a firearm yesterday in the Bronx, They caught him around 2 p.m. in the afternoon with a loaded gun in his knapsack.

It was definitely an illegal search.

“I spoke to the arresting officer, and so far, what I’m hearing from him is that they got a phone call at the station saying they should ‘look out,’

According to [the officer], they didn’t know he was Cory Gunz. They just saw a bunch of kids following him around.

“What I will say is that the officer that arrested Cory actually happened to be a cool dude, After arresting Cory, sitting down with him and talking, he felt bad about the situation.”

“At the end of the day, there’s a reason for everything, but at the same time, in New York, it’s mandatory jail time, To go to a precinct and see your son, your junior, in handcuffs, it’s heartbreaking. Anytime you see your child in jail, in the cell, in handcuffs, it’s very hard. He’s walked down some of the same paths that I walked down, but you never want to see your kids go through what you went through.

“This is Cory’s first offense, but sometimes they like to make an example out of rappers and people with any kind of celebrity to them.”

Nick Cannon tweeted

“Great dude, just a little bad luck. @CoryGunz is holding strong and will be out shortly. Family is here if and when anything is needed,”

It wasn’t bad luck, it was being stupid.  All the people with you, and you are the one holding the gun….and in a backpack!  If something was to happen, you couldn’t pull it out and defend yourself.  If you are transporting the gun have someone else do it, if you get caught with it, it should at least be on a holster ready for you to buck somebody.

Why do you have a gun anyway?  No only is it illegal no matter how cool your judge is, you WILL be going to jail.  What’s even more stupid, is the head of his label Lil Wayne, went to jail for the same reason.  Wayne would have gotten 3 years but he took a plea agreement.  I’m sure more details will be released, on Monday, but I don’t think I care until I hear the sentencing.

Don’t drop the soap!


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