Superbowl Ads Sienfeld Vs Ferris Bueller – You Vote! [video]

I’m still wondering why these Super Bowl ads are running early, and if they are indeed Super Bowl ads.  I mean really, who wants to see the ads first.   That takes all the fun out of them.  At first I had my doubts, but when $800 Million dollar Seinfeld pulls out the Soup Nazi, you are definitely talking Super Bowl Ad, Big Bucks!

The Bueller spot is actually decent, but not great.  Mathew Broderick is just”old”.  You don’t realize how old, until he tries to not be old.  Reprising the role as Bueller (but careful not to call himself such – Bueller is never used, only implied) is a huge undertaking and done almost half hardheartedly.   The highlight might be “Giant Panda Bopping”.  I expected a little more after hearing that the effort was directed or produced by Todd Phillips from The Hangover.

Which spot do you like better – they both are below.

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