Simon Cowell Cleans House!! Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul follow Steven Jones – All 3 Will Not Be Returning for the X-Factor

Wow!  Before I could even get the details of Steven Jones exit, Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul were right behind him. WOW!!

Simon Cowell is a beast!!  There are reports that Simon wanted to take the show in a different direction, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!


Steven Jones exit is confirmed because he tweeted it,

“I wont be hosting next seasons XFactor which is a shame but I cant complain as I’ve had a great time.”

He is definitely a wrap.  I thought he was decent at best – but not good enough to take the show where it needs to go.

Scherzinger’s dismissal was confirmed by a FOX rep.  They confirmed that her contract was not renewed.  No comments were made by Fox on Paula’s status.

Nigel Lythgoe who is the executive producer of idol tweeted,

“Shocked to see Simon has fired Paula Abdul, Nicole and Steve from the X-Factor.”

That leads credibility to all the rumors.

L.A. Reid is still holding on.  There have been no comments about his status one way or the other, but things look good for him.


This is what makes Simon great in my opinion.  He has the courage to take his own advice, throw caution to the wind and make drastic changes, (even though rumor has it, that Nicole’s exit was her decision, “so she can focus on her music”).

Simon was disappointed with the shows overall performance. Despite solid ratings, he will not be happy until X-Factor is bigger then American Idol.  Period.  Now with “The voice” being a surprise hit, the bar is set even higher.

Steve Jones, weather he liked it or not was being compared to Ryan Seacrest every night it was on, which was unfair, but so is life.  Seacrest has been doing “Idol” since 2002,  comparatively Jones looked uncomfortable at best.  The show itself was simply overproduced and the judges were more worried about themselves and their careers then the talent.  The show was exhausting to watch…..

With Seacrest leaving “Idol” and the show just not being the same, there leaves room for a new champ and Simon Cowell sees the opportunity to claim the throne.  He’s not one to let opportunity pass him by. Rumors are flying on who will be the replacement judges, Mariah Carey?  Mary J. Blige?

Simon has definitely created buzz again around his show.  I might actually make it through a complete season this time around.


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